Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Golden Balloon

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"The Father's Mind forth-bubbled, conceiving,
with His Will in all its Prime, Ideas that take upon
themselves all forms... Thoughts from the Paternal
Source that pluck unto their full the Flower of Fire at
height of sleepless Time." Chaldean Oracles, 2nd century.
"The wind (spirit) blows wherever it pleases." Christ.
"No one can think of God. Therefore it is my
wish to leave everything that I can think of
and choose for my love the thing that I cannot 
think."  (Cloud of Unknowing, 14th century). 

The Golden Balloon
(the transformation of lead energy
into alchemical gold)
Lead balloons gravitating down,
too heavy for a Soul profound;
judgement, past memories, opinion,
fill the head with notional notions.
Id energy inflates our ideas,
thought-bubbles between the ears;
they self-define our identity,
the ego or conscious entity.
Ideas can last for a lifetime,
creative power in the mind;
but they do need an extra lift,
if for eternity we are to exist.
Energy of libido refined,
into this life of humankind;
rhyme and reason of ideation,
evolve us to this higher station.
But one more blow is required,
to seal the Soul for evermore;
the energy that inflated thoughts,
to be reused and further wrought.
The Black Sun comes into play,
mortido drains the light of day;
deflates thought content flat,
de-ments, denudes, life extracts.
Depression's ebb, death's wish,
night of the Soul's darkness;
it all boils back to energy,
to be reshaped into a Boundary.
Halo of salvation now reborn,
thoughtless Bubble fire-forged;
"New Skin" that never gets old,
a second baptism of the Soul.
An undivided Individual true,
the Homunculus of me and you;
only a Child can enter heaven,
innocence regained, gold Balloon.
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"You are from below; I am from above.
You are of this world; I am not of this world."
Christ (John 8:23)
The "Word" Bubble.
Mortido turns out to be the black Wind of divine Energy which inflates the golden Balloon or thoughtless Bubble of the eternal Soul. (See the "apophatic theology" of Pseudo-Dionysius.) Instinctual id energy flows as libido. The ego is an agglomeration of ideas, defining who I think I am. And so words fill the thought-bubbles of my mind, trying to figure-out an identity and the meaning of life. Spirit's breath or pneuma thus blows the wind of the "Word" through my head space. But in the final analysis thoughts are too heavy for transcendence. The energy of pneuma must inflate a single thoughtless "Word" Bubble instead, to seal my Spirit and lift my Soul above this human war of words. This Halo of light does not think, but Self-reflects in the pneumatic glow of Solarized consciousness. This is the second baptism in the fire of the Holy Spirit. "They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit." (Acts 2:3-4). The fiery Dove fills the "New Skin" of eternal Life, but whereas John's first baptism of water is libido, Christ's second baptism of fire is mortido, and destroys or denudes thinking, replacing it with Self-reflective Gnosis. Mortido is the black Wind of the via negativa; black to the ego, but actually the hidden Light of the mystics; the divine Energy of the transformed id, which can now transcend the world as the Soul ideal.
(for more on this, see my poem: //jamesshiva.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/e-quantum-solid.html)    

The Alchemist

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Alchemical and Rosicrucian compendium – 1760 
(Psyche, Greek: breath, soul.)
"Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from 
heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting." Acts 2:2
The Alchemist.
(Taming the Dragon to get the Pearl)
The Alchemist invokes his magic dragon,
the animal-totem of his imagination;
all have this instinctual creature inside,
the serpent-Spirit must be sublimated sublime.
And so this Ouroboros in churning motion,
circulates libido in alchemical distillation;
unconscious waters into Wine of Quintessence,
the magical Nectar for the Soul's remembrance.
The Freudian id is the instinctive dragon,
in need of taming its thoughtless reactions;
it must come under human determination,
in order to birth its Pearl in gestation.
Heaven heaves, "blowing a violent wind",
with psychic energy inflating the mind;
id into ideas, self-defining an ego identity,
thought-bubbles molded from mental plasticity.
A temporary ego is therefore acquired,
the separated-out "thinker" we call "I";
it mediates the natural force of Spirit,
contains its fiery and electrical leakage.
Now a thoughtless Bubble is required,
filled with pneuma, the breath expired;
mortido deflates ideas, denudes content,
and energizes a Soul-Boundary instead.
Thus fire slowly transforms into Light,
serpent raised on the staff of spine;
inSpiration rouses the beast from the deep,
the Leviathan "sent by God" to incubate.
Fire electrifies up the magic Star-Wand,
the Caduceus of Hermes, Egyptian Magician;
into the winged Orb of enLightenment sealed,
the eternal Soul of the Pearl revealed.
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Id: the primitive instincts and energies in the unconscious mind
that underlie all psychological impulses. Latin it. (Collins).
Instinct: inborn tendencies of a person or animal. Latin instinctus roused.
The snakes can represent the ida and pingala nadis or energy channels:
ida: female, creative energy or libido,
pingala: male, destructive energy or mortido
The winged Orb of the Sun is the fusion of opposites: male and female,
life and death, good and evil, etc; the Solarization of consciousness. 

Alchemical EnLightenment

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From Splendor Solis (16th century)

Alchemical EnLightenment.
A Myth blooms its story-line,
the marriage of opposites divine;
Queen of immanence unveils,
joins with her transcendent male.
Lust into Love's full fusion,
satisfies the quest for Union;
passion's flame burns into bliss,
the solarization of consciousness.
Water into Fire into Light,
is life's basic sacramental rite;
two baptisms to undergo,
before the Light begins to glow.
Green unconsciousness delights
in the swamp, day and night;
muddy water of subconscious earth,
incubates the "Seed of Word".
In this watery prism state,
the light refracts and separates;
each colour to be defined;
the iridescence of the mind.
Green frog is kissed a Prince
by the spirit of immanence;
rises unto a higher station,
transformed by love's intoxication.
Then the colours must be fused,
joined back into One anew;
a second baptism is required,
consciousness must be forge-fired.
Libidinal life can be raised,
from dampness into a fiery blaze;
but who can bear this immolation,
in the flames of sublimation?
Fire is the prelude to Light,
from murky waters the Lotus shines;
Salamander is crowned a King,
emerges from unconscious dreams.
A mysterious and sacramental process
sublimates sublime the animal spirit;
hungry heat in the belly's furnace,
births forth the Corona of Awareness.
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Sublimation, from The Crowning of Nature, 1718.
My interpretation: the Sun of Light emerges from
the fire of ouroboric transformation, the serpent-fire 
of kundalini, sublimed into the Solarization of consciousness 
(alchemical Solification) in the vacuum of the sealed mind.  

Monday, 30 May 2016

Who Am I?

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The Golden Art by Andrea de Pascalis.

Who Am I?
Who am I?... is the eternal question,
the conundrum of our self-reflection;
the search for identity forever compels,
for it is the Core of everything else.
God announced: "I Am Who I Am",
answered the question with a koan;
for the thinking mind can never resolve,
what it really means to be an Individual.
The Solution contains within it the Self,
the Atman, Soul, or Christ countenance;
the Sun rises from waters unconscious,
the Being of Light, born of darkness.
Francis of Assisi, summed up Self seeking,
"Who you are looking for is who is looking";
and so each one must find the simple truth,
that we are who we are regardless of proof.
The materialistic mind has fashioned an ego,
the persona or mask pretending a role;
but when we take off this artificial self,
underneath it at first there seems but a veil.
The true Self exists in watery formlessness,
the sheer clarity of which seems like an abyss;
this is the challenge of holding creative SpAce,
long enough for the transition to take place.
Developing the Soul-Image in the mind,
one must enter a darkroom of kind;
there in the alchemical process of Nigredo,
the interior Light-Being magically unfolds.
From water and ashes the Phoenix rises,
the Self-solarization of consciousness;
how strange he is, the undivided Individual,
independent and free, from family absolved.
Who am I?... is a death meditation,
the egoic self dies in sensory suffocation;
Jesus had the ability, "to lay down his life",
and "take it up again", reborn as the Christ.
(John 10:17)

For more on coalescing the"I Am" of the Self,
see my poem on ConSolidating an Eternal Identity:

Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Death Master

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The King devours his son, from
The Book of Lambspring.
"God is a man-eater. So people are sacrificed to him."
(Gospel of Philip, Nag Hammadi library)

The Death Master.
Holy Wine, Spirit of quintessence,
distilled from lust into love's Presence;
white waters changed into Rubedo's Wine,
the libidinal libation of self-sacrifice.
The Gods cannot resist a Eucharist,
risen Soul-Bread and fiery Spirit;
like humans who dine on animal meat,
the next Kingdom sees us as a juicy feast!
But do not despair of the Gods on high,
for they are really us, in disguise;
they are the Crown of the Ouroboros,
we are the tail of unconsciousness.
And so it seems we lose our lives,
in order that a higher Being can survive;
but in truth, Christ's flesh and blood,
is the secret way to the Heavens above.
The Tree of sacrifice under the Sun,
from the "Seed of Word" now in bloom,
flowers forth divine our human potential,
sheds the "old skin" for a life eternal.
The final stage of alchemical distillation,
Rubedo, the reddening of the situation,
depicts our ability "to let go and let God",
green wheat dies into a golden Head.
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Celestial Ouroboros (1702).
The shed and crowned Ouroboros reveals the
countenance of the starry Soul in the "Cloud
of Unknowing." This skeletal Ouroboros is the
dragon, flayed by its own fiery breath of pneumatic
consciousness; fire-baptized and self-sacrificed,
blackened unto the white bones of albedo; revealing
the rubedo of holy wine, the serpent-distilled
quintessence of alchemy.
"Be seekers of death. Death will teach you about being chosen."
(Jesus, the Secret Book of James, Nag Hammadi library.)

Saturday, 28 May 2016

The One God of All Gods

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Para Brahma: the "highest Brahman," that which is beyond
all descriptions and conceptualisations. (Wikipedia).
Higher than even the Hindu Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. 

The One God of All Gods.
(Soul: Old Saxon, "born of or from the waters")
One into a Trinity gives a clue,
to the Nature of an omniscient view;
for One of itSelf is a difficult Concept,
the immaculate "Word" of the Holy Spirit.
And so to start with Pneumatology,
the study of the Holy Ghost mystery;
God blows the Wind of every breath,
Heaven's heave of airy consciousness.
This feminine Spirit of immanence,
falls to earth as water condenced;
becomes the wellspring of All life,
the first baptism that washes the mind.
Oneness thus becomes the piper Pan,
blowing the Sound at the gates of dawn;
the Hermetic All, nature's Green Man,
breathing forth Pneuma across the land.
From the 3rd now to the 2nd Person,
counting back to the impersonal One;
Christology is the study of the Soul,
"born of water" into the fire of Sol.
Christ, like Mithras, is another Sun lord,
with shining light and fiery sword;
unlike the All he is transcendent,
brings baptismal flame upon our heads.
He is the Over-Soul of all Souls,
comes to harvest the "seeds of the Word";
the Spirit of the Vine must be crushed,
in the alchemical winepress of God's wrath.
Jesus, saviour who saves the Holy Whore,
the Star atop the Pagan Tree of yore;
gathers in the Sap of Spirit's fall,
draws it up into the great winged Orb.
Three, Two, and now back to One,
through the divine Sophia and the Son;
into the "Cloud of Unknowing" home,
the Wind of Spirit lifts up the Stone.
Holy Spiration of the Sol-like Soul,
All returns to the One that cannot be told;
omniscience of an uncreated Being,
"Word" behind words, great Silence calling.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Flower of Mind

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The "law of conservation of energy" says that energy
cannot be created or destroyed, only change its mind.
"No one can think of God. Therefore it is my
wish to leave everything that I can think of
and choose for my love the thing that I cannot 
think."  (Cloud of Unknowing, 14th century).
Flower of Mind.
(How conscious energy co-creates itSelf)
(id, Latin "it")
Magic energy of latent libido,
coiled-up in the "seed of the Word";
rooted in the undifferentiated matrix,
ready to perform its miraculous trick.
Into a "true vine" the id does flow,
eternal energy of life to grow;
from the reservoir of subconsciousness,
Spirit of inSpiration begins to lift.
Uncoiling into self-defining ideas,
the egoic "I" begins to appear;
like leaves on the vine to Heaven,
molding energy into thinking patterns.
Beliefs, memories, judgementalism,
the conjuring-up of fixed opinions;
plasticity of consciousness dawns,
a child at play with ideational forms.
Into an identity energy becomes,
conscious power weaves, wills "I am";
the magician, Thoth, creates a glyph,
formulating ideas into an ego self.
And so the Spirit upward spirals,
learns to shape energy into boundaries;
thought-bubbles in the sky of mind,
striving to reach a ball of sunshine.
But the climber needs to fruit a Soul,
a Flower atop the vine to unfold;
because soon the leaves of ideation
will fall with autumn's dying season.
A stronger Identity is now required,
green to gold must be transformed;
energy never dies but can be changed,
an eternal Boundary to be arranged.
Instead of little ideas all discursive,
bunched-up into an ego operative;
a higher Self can be conSolidated,
from id-energy, before it's dissipated.
An undivided Individual blooms forth,
the sunflower Mind reborn of earth;
thoughtless Bubble, our energy Stone,
seed through vine into Word atoned.
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The "helmet of salvation" (Eph 6:17) or solar Halo of 
a Soul-Boundary replaces the discursive thinking of ego.
First we learn to mold, shape, or create thought-bubbles of
self-defining ideas, out of the eternal energy of the id, into an
identity. Then we slowly denude this content of consciousness
and create one big Boundary or thoughtless Bubble, the Halo
or energy Orb of the eternal Soul. This Halo of solarized
consciousness is the philosophical Stone of wisdom, the
dragon's airy Pearl of fire-forged Pneuma.
For more on this topic see my poem, Halo: